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"ئىشلەتكۈچى مۇنازىرىسى:Jose77" تۈزىتىلگەن نەشرى ئارىسىدىكى پەرق

* 你好 * يېڭى ئابزاس
ئازراقلا ( (مۇنازىرە) نىڭ تەھرىرىدىن ئاخىرقى تۈزىتىلگەن نەشرى Jose77 غا ئەسلىگە كەلتۈرىدۇ.)
(* 你好 * يېڭى ئابزاس)
--[[User:Jimbo Wales|Jimbo Wales]] 17:28, 5 7-Ay 2010 (UTC)
:Thankyou for your kind offer. However Uyghur is not my native language so my insights may be more limited. Perhaps it is better to ask a native speaker regarding what their first impressions of this site are and how this site can be improved to attract more native speakers here to contribute. [[User:Aturantekin]] is the most active Uyghur contributor on Uyghur Wikipedia so he should be the best person to speak to regarding 'his' language Wikipedia. --[[User:Jose77|Jose77]] 00:25, 7 7-Ay 2010 (UTC)
== 你好 ==
我是中国人,请问这是维吾尔语的维基百科吗?您来自新疆?[[ئىشلەتكۈچى:Benjamin Jiperus|Benjamin Jiperus]] ([[ئىشلەتكۈچى مۇنازىرىسى:Benjamin Jiperus|سۆزلىشىش]]) 22:13, 2 فېۋرال 2013 (UTC)

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