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ئىشلەتكۈچى مۇنازىرىسى:Jose77: تۈزىتىلگەن نەشرى ئارىسىدىكى پەرق

Adminship revoked
ئازراقلا New page: == First learn == Hi! And sorry for answering so late (I am heavily handicapped with a myopathy and that gets me often to hospital or similar 'hostels. I would do much like to contribute,...
Adminship revoked
41 -قۇر:
ۋائەلەيكۇم ئەسسالام،
رەھمەت سىزگە![[User:Barat|Barat]] 17:38, 29 3-Ay 2007 (UTC)
== Adminship revoked ==
Hello, Jose. Unfortunately, your temporary adminship was revoked because you blocked user with whom you've been in conflict and deleted history of your talk page during RFC agains you. [[User:MaxSem|MaxSem]] 07:34, 1 4-Ay 2007 (UTC)

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