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ئىشلەتكۈچى مۇنازىرىسى:Jose77: تۈزىتىلگەن نەشرى ئارىسىدىكى پەرق

تەھرىرلەش خۇلاسىسى يوق
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|[[Image:Busy desk.svg|80px]] Jose77 is busy in real life and may not respond swiftly to queries.
|}== First learn ==
== First learn ==
Very cordially, from one of the few foreignmembers of this huge Turk/Altaic world. [[User:كورۀەيۇک|كورۀەيۇک]] 15:05, 25 دېكابىر/Dékabir/декабир 2006 (UTC)
== English-Uyghur Dictionary (external link) ==
Essalamu eleykum!
In the external links you give, one leaves me with a bad taste in the mouth: The English-Uyghur dictionary project seems to be a good thing; I registrated and read the members list. What about 7 in 10 do in this project? Just take a look at the first page: 'afvesaq.org' (rape & incest), 'akogg.org' (quite as above, with the same 'language disorders'), 'baraban-11' (US bets, gambling & cig's), 'barbarossa-136' (Russian discount cig's), 'Annyllop21' (porn), 'bely832new' (porn disguised behind 'hunting dogs for sale'), 'domostroy' (house building), 'Fa Ming-Na' (self-promoting UK model), 'flowers2006oi' (poker, gambling), just to take a few of them.
And I wonder how the 'elisemanderson', 'blogedu', on one side, or the 'askar', 'babur', 'erkinependi' and the likes feel like in this shark pool.
Would you give me your opinion about the job the admin's of this site? For my part, I do not think that getting 82 members at any price serves their aim, and Uyghur deserves better. [[User:كورۀەيۇک|كورۀەيۇک]] 15:06, 25 دېكابىر/Dékabir/декабир 2006 (UTC)
== English-Uyghur dictionary cleaned ==
Esselemu Eleykum
I told you about the doubts I had when I looked at their forum members' list. The admin just signalled me they cleaned up the junks and deleted 39 bogus members (i.e. 48%) or so...
hormet bilen
== Multi-Script convertor ==
[[User:Maftuna Uyoghuristan|Maftuna Uyoghuristan]] 19:22, 29 1-Ay 2008 (UTC)

قېتىم تەھرىرلەنگەن