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User:Barat (5/1/1)[تەھرىرلەش]


  1. He has contributed 47 good quality articles. --Jose77 10:06, 29 3-Ay 2007 (UTC)
  2. support. --User:ashxanamlar 03:11, 31 3-Ay 2007 (UTC)
  3. --Memty 21:02, 1 4-Ay 2007 (UTC)
  4. --Absar 13:18, 7 7-Ay 2007 (UTC)
  5. --Mehrdad Tells here"I support Barat's temporary admin access"".


  1. Symbol oppose vote.svg Copyright violation is uncool. --توشقان 02:40, 2 4-Ay 2007 (UTC)


  1. Symbol oppose vote.svg Although user is native, he did copy information from websites without requesting permissions. Regular users would be blocked for doing that, therefore an admin is expected to respect copyright. If he writes original content, he can apply again. -- ReyBrujo 02:42, 26 5-Ay 2007 (UTC)
Barat now respects the Wikipedia copyright policies and since then he has learnt from his mistakes by writing articles in accordance with the GNU Free Documentation License. --Jose77 21:50, 10 9-Ay 2007 (UTC)*
  1. Symbol oppose vote.svg Hi,

as I see Barat has made so far only 173 edits which are divided like: (Main) 96 User talk 36 Image 20 Talk 16 Template 4 Wikipedia 1 and his first edit is from 2006/11/05 15:09:14

in comparison Jose77 (who is a former admin) who invited me here has: 1716 total edits

none of the other voters has more than 99 total edits

Barat satisfies the minimum criteria of at least 100 edits. 173 edits is substantial enough. --Jose77 23:57, 11 9-Ay 2007 (UTC)

I am wondering now, since I do not know yet so much Barat or anyone here, how a user with such less experience (at least in regards to edits) can become Administrator ? E.g. here on these pictures the licence info is missing: Image:Richard_Stallman.jpeg, here too: Image:Tux.svg.png - did not continue now. But this for example is crucial for any wikipedia, see see en:Wikipedia:Image copyright tags:

Wikipedia takes copyright law very seriously. Image description pages are tagged with the license and the source of the image. This makes it as easy as possible for readers, Wikipedians, and creators of derivative works to know what they can and can't do with the images in our encyclopedia.

I think only a user with enough experience should be given the powerful admin tools.

If a user wants to help in Wikipedia he can do this also without the admin tools. Can Barat himself please point out what is his motivation in becoming an admin ?

Please: my writing now may sound harsh, but I do not know yet so much the processes of this Wikipedia. But at least I would expect that each admin candidate fullfills minimum requirements (certain amount of edits, motivation letter why to become admin, goals for the future in this Wikipedia, email set up at Wikipedia account, ... ) ? see en:Wikipedia:Requests for adminship how this could look like. And I just opposed forthe moment, since I have some questions open. If I get an answer (e.g. also like: Erkan, you got it all wrong), I am happy to change my statement above. Please consider: I do this for the good of Wikipedia, not to embarrass someone. I hope you understand this ? --Erkan Yilmaz 10:23, 11 9-Ay 2007 (UTC)

This copyright issue was already brought up to his attention in 2 April 2007 and since then, Barat has been careful to adhere to Wikipedia's copyright policy. As User:ReyBrujo had commented before, Barat can qualify for administrator if he contributes original content (which he has). --Jose77 23:57, 11 9-Ay 2007 (UTC)
see also my request here please. --Erkan Yilmaz 10:45, 11 9-Ay 2007 (UTC).

questions for the candidate Barat by the community[تەھرىرلەش]

1. why do you want to become administrator ? --Erkan Yilmaz 18:27, 11 9-Ay 2007 (UTC)

I think i can make the uyghur wiki better.Unfortunately i can not contribute at this moment, since I am doing my master thesis, and i have to finish it within two months. Afterwards i can contribute my work very often.I have lot plans about:-)

Barat 16:36, 21 9-Ay 2007 (UTC)

2. What do you think qualifies you to take this responsible position ? --Erkan Yilmaz 18:27, 11 9-Ay 2007 (UTC)

I am a native Uyghur speaker and I have broad knowledge about our culture as well as Uyghur literature and Uyghur grammar. On the other hand I am a complete open minded person who does not have any biased view towards religion, politics, people or anything else.I also have a very broad interest and have certain knowledge about. More importantly,I would love to contribute whole wikipedia as much as I could and by any means.Although got familiar with wiki only for two years, I have learned many things, and it was very helpful, so i think, if can contribute, more people will got benefit, its much meaningful indeed Barat 16:36, 21 9-Ay 2007 (UTC)

3. What do you think about the comments at the talk page ? --Erkan Yilmaz 10:08, 22 9-Ay 2007 (UTC)

I really appreciated comments above, they are all true, it did pointed out the most important things that I should fulfill. I admit that I did some mistakes, and I corrected some of them already, thanks those who corrected my way in time. From the comments, I realized what I must do in the next step. I will check the rules inside wikipedia very carefully, and will make sure not to make the same mistake again.Indeed, the responsibility here is much more than I actually thought before, but this won´t influence to my passion to being a wikipedian. Considering the permission for an admin, I think I can wait for a while, at least two months, since I can not do any work here till the end of November. Afterwards I will learn more about editing and rules, then I will ask for admin.

Thank you all very much, I really appreciated. Barat 14:19, 22 9-Ay 2007 (UTC)

Thank you Barat,
actually I wanted to get your opinion - as with any other candidate - on these:
  • making the process of applying for administrator role more open and obvious
  • mentorship
  • reevaluation after mentoring by community
  • increasing awareness to the voting here ----Erkan Yilmaz (my talk page, wiki blog) 22:55, 24 9-Ay 2007 (UTC)